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Arizona is a diverse state providing countless opportunities for its residents as well as for visitors.  Those living and working within the state will safeguard themselves and their assets through a range of insurance options from that are carefully regulated by the state.  Let’s take a moment to review the most popular forms of insurance in state to give you a sense of Arizona insurance options that residents need the most.

(5.6 Million)  Health Insurance

With a population of 6.7 million people, the most popular form of insurance in the state is Health Insurance.  With roughly 16% of the population uncovered, there is an increasing push towards more uniform coverage.  Possible options for individuals at include Medicare, Medicaid, employer based insurance, and insurance found on the federal exchange.  Ultimately, where you fall in this process will depend on your age and the kind of job that you have.  In addition, your medical history may require certain kinds of coverage be included, leading to a preference of one insurance option over another.

(4 Million)  Homeowners Insurance

There are roughly 4.2 million homeowners in Arizona.  Of those who own homes, the vast majority will have homeowners insurance.  The most common types of homeowners insurance form include medical payments, personal liability insurance, additional living expense, content insurance, and property damage in Arizona.  Additional need may find you extended your coverage beyond this.  In addition, the location of your home will make a difference in the types of home insurance you should get.  The distance to the closest fire station can raise or lower the price, a well as the material your home is constructed out of.  Regardless, you can save a lot of money by carefully reviewing available quotes and checking the payout history of different homeowners insurance companies.

(3.8 Million)  Car Insurance

Just below the number of homeowners is the number of licensed drivers in the state.  With nearly all of them having car insurance for their vehicle, car insurance is required by law. Having to meet a minimum level of coverage, every person has to show that they are financially responsible in case they are found at fault in an accident.  Car insurance begins with a basic requirement and can be added to in order to provide a wider range of coverage.  Ultimately, what you decide to purchase from will be based on the kind of car you have, the amount you can spend, and how long you spend searching for affordable Arizona car insurance quotes.

February 9, 2017 / admin