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When you are ready to get your North Carolina homeowners insurance quotes you should make sure you are familiar with at least some of the discounts that you may qualify for. First you should make sure that you shop around and get quotes from a number of insurance companies as you can. You can line up five different homeowners insurance quotes and you may end up with five different premiums.

Make sure that the insurance agent that you are working with will go over all of the discounts that offers. You may be surprised at how many you may qualify for. Here are a few of the discounts many companies offer:

  • When you meet with an insurance agent one of the first thing he will ask you is how close to a fire hydrant and a fire station your house is. That is because fires can destroy a home in a matter of minutes. Non-smokers can enjoy a discount that is up to 20%. Having smoke alarms in every room can bring you a discount up to 5%. A fire alarm and /or a sprinkler system can help to keep a home fire at a minimum.
  • FBI records show that break-ins are the fourth biggest reason that homeowners submit claims. The FBI shows that a home is broken into every 16 seconds in the United States. Whatever you can do to cut down on this possibility will lower your premium. Have a security system installed in your home and you can save up to 20% on your insurance. When you have a monitoring system in place you cut your chances of a break-in by about 300%. Having deadbolt locks on all doors that lead outside will get you another 5% off your premium.
  • You can get a discount of up to 20% if you bundle your insurance needs. If you bring your car insurance, health insurance, life insurance or whatever else your homeowners insurance company offers you will save on all the policies compare to insuring them separately.
  • When you have a newer home because the cost to repair or replace it will cost much less than an older home. Most houses that were built within up to 10 years ago will save you around 20% on your insurance premium.
  • If you haven’t filed a claim in the last 10 years you could see about 20% off your rate.

February 9, 2017 / admin